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Hanji Tudu was born inthe year 2035 BS as the daughter of saili (Third daughter) in the santhal family of Jahada Rural Municipality. In the distressed family, when a daughter is born there is not opportunity to feel happy and Hanji's childhood was also spent in sorrow, she didnot even got an opportunity to go school. How ever, her father who was raising a family on a daily wages, died at a young age. Then their life became more difficult . But whether it is sorrow or in happiness time will move forward,Hanji also grow up. When the mother wanted to keep her young daughter at home, many problems arose thinking that her mother decided to get marry of her.

After marrying with 21 years of Rajendra Tudu of the same village at the age of 17. Hanji became the youngest daughter in law, after marriage, Buhartans grief was added more to Hanji's life. Raising a family of 11 members including father in law , mother in law, brother in law and sister in law on a daily basis became their daily routine . They decided to stay apart for some time as it would be difficult to add daily handouts . To support a family of three, including a husband, wife and a daughter, her husband started working in a jute mill in Katahari. Hanji intended to do something as her husband's alone income made it difficult for her to raise and support her children, but poverty became a greater challange in society so no one believed her.
In 2065 BS Hanji became a member of the group after learning that training was being conducted for the forming of a group in the same village through a micro Finance program by Jeevan Bikas. She took Rs.5000 loan and started a small grocery store at home. The society did not stop criticizing her will and readiness, but Hanji did not take anyone's word for it and stuck to her purpose. She took Rs.10000 loan again to increase the store capital and she started buying and selling paddy and wheat o the road infront of the shop. At the same time , she gave birth to another daughter as her second child. Her business was doing well and now her husband has stopped working in the mill of other person involved in running the business. They used it to increase the business of loan and income, respectively. They also made the grocery store well organized and started the business of buying and selling in a big way. As time went on, Hanji gave two more children a daughter and a son . Mean while they had managed to add 12 kaththa land . As the kata business flourished , they needed a tractor to transport goods . But they couldn't decided what to do with the small amount of money. At the same time they went to the jeevan bikas branch office Majhare to seek advice after receiving information from the branch head thet he could get a self employment loan with a pledge, they hoped that their wish would be successful. As per the advice of the branch Manager they took a loan of Rs.5 Lakh and added Rs. 3 Lakh with the money they had and bought a tractor and started transporting it. Currently Hanji's family has amassed a fortune of million rupees including a grocery shop, a tractor, a kata, 12 kaththa land and a cemented house and a motorcycle as well as providing employment to three people . The tudu couple are currently married to their eldest daughter and two daughters and son are studying in class 4 and class 1 at a boarding school. Her husband manages kata business and Hanji look after house and grocery shop . It is as if god is delivering human being, Hanji even managed to take the first prize ( Cash Rs.50 Thousand ) among the successful member of the Jeevan Bikas. Hanji has become an example of inspiration for the santhal community . Hanji say's "if i hadn't made the decision in time and if not got the support from jeevan bikas , we wouldn't be in this situation today.


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